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Serving Birmingham

Birmingham is the most populous city outside of London and its built-up area has a population of nearly 1.1 million. With this many citizens there are special occasions happening every day of the week and that’s not to mention the hundreds of conferences and conventions held at the NEC, the ICC and LG Arena. In Birmingham there is a great demand for quality prestige hire cars.


UK Prestige is happy to provide Birmingham with our full fleet of vehicles and we stand out from the crowd by offering a customer-focused approach, which cannot be beaten. We don’t believe in waxing lyrical about everything we do – we just provide no-nonsense, jargon free customer service that ensures you get the package that works for you.


Birmingham is diverse, cosmopolitan and so centrally located that people from across the UK use it as a meeting point.


History of Birmingham


Birmingham was established a market town in the 12th century and explosion expansion began in the mid-18th century during the Industrial Revolution. Birmingham shot up as a highly entrepreneurial area during the Revolution. Over three times more patents were filed in Birmingham during the core years of the Revolution than in any other UK city – demonstrating the inventive nature of the population.


Birmingham was playing a major role in politics by the Regency period and also became home to an extensive canal system. The railways reached Birmingham by 1837 and it prospered throughout the Victorian age. It suffered heavy bomb damage during the Second World War and this has led to modern day Birmingham looking very different to how it may have been imagined.


Birmingham is another UK city which became home to a large population of immigrants in the 20th century. Citizens from the Commonwealth Nations chose Birmingham as their home and account for its diverse ethnic community. UK Prestige has had the pleasure of providing our prestige car hire services to people from all communities and a wide range of events.


Birmingham Prestige Car Hire


There are many reasons you may want to hire a top of the range, prestige car. It could be that you have a special occasion, an anniversary or a big birthday or you could be attending an important conference and want to arrive in style. It could even be that you’re planning to whisk someone away for the weekend in the performance car of their dreams. Whatever the occasion UK Prestige has a handpicked fleet which offers a car for every circumstance.


Our wedding limousines can be ready for your chosen date or you could opt for one of our other prestigious vehicle choices such as our Rolls Royce Drophead or even start your big day as you mean to go on, arriving at your venue in a Ferrari.


Whatever your expectations are we don’t disappoint. Contact UK Prestige today to find out more about our packages and take a look at some of the vehicles in our fleet on the cars page.


If you need a prestige car or cars for a special occasion then don’t hesitate to get in touch. UK Prestige has a team of sales representatives waiting to advise and ensure you arrange the prestige car hire package perfect for your needs.


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