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Range Rover Limousine


So you’re looking for the perfect choice of transport for your child’s school prom? They have three best friends and all have dates that leaves out the option of you driving them in the family car! UK Prestige has the solution, a Range Rover limousine complete with party atmosphere and a safe reliable chauffeur, what more could you want?

Range Rover Limousine – Key Features

Range Rover Limousines from UK Prestige will grant you the most comfortable and possibly one of the most fun rides of your life.

The sporty exterior oozes style and will make you feel like a top footballer or Olympian on their way to the next glitzy night out. Not by any means a step too far from the original Range Rover it is modelled on the limo comes with a full body kit and alloy wheels and the grill Range Rovers are known for.

The interior features fibre glass flooring, coloured strobe lighting in blue, purple, red and more to get the feel for that big party before you even arrive, a bar and plasma screen TVs.

The eight passenger limousine is the ultimate party mobile and will definitely make an impression when it arrives at its destination


Range Rover Limousine

Of course it is not just school proms that these limousines are designed for and if you are looking for your wedding car, a hen or stag party idea which will help guests remember their night even more, a birthday night out idea these vehicles are perfect for that. You could even hire a Range Rover limousine to surprise the loved one in your life on their birthday, travelling to their favourite restaurant, treating them to a shopping spree in their favourite city, or arriving at the Royal Ascot in style.

For corporate events Range Rover limousines will look more stylish and give off a great feeling of success, just think of what reflection of your company a limousine will have when it comes to your rivals.


At UK Prestige we offer a great range of limousines for hire.

Our Range Rover limousines come in silver, white and black and will come from our central depot in Derby, pick your party up from any address in the UK, dropping you off at your destination via any route you chose. The stylish and fun interior features will allow you to sit back and relax whilst our carefully chosen drivers will handle the roads.

At UK Prestige we’re dedicated to quality customer services and ensure all our vehicles are pristine and exactly as desired. Contact us today for a quick quote and more information about the Range Rover Limousine.


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