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Super Cars

UK Prestige is proud to have become one of the UK’s leading car hire and car rental companies. Our core business area used to be wedding and prestige car hire for special occasions, with our focus firmly on offering a customer-focused approach but we’re proud to say we’ve quickly grown and expanded.

UK Prestige offers a range of high performance super cars. The company offers the biggest and best fleet of super cars you’ll find to give clients an alternative to the traditional prestige car for their special occasion. Our super cars take things to another level and provide an exhilarating, unforgettable experience that can turn a special day into something extraordinary.

We hire out our super cars to a huge variety of clients for many different purposes. Some clients receive them as gifts for the car lover in their life whilst others want them for business purposes or as an alternative to the traditional cars for a special event such as a wedding. We ensure is whatever the occasion or reason for hire all our clients have the opportunity to have an in depth viewing of the car. This can include full specifications, shots of the beautifully maintained interior and exterior of the vehicles as well as shots of them on location, further heightening the excellence of the cars as well as giving the client a chance to picture them in use. This is all to guarantee, in advance, that the client is 100% comfortable and happy with the vehicle and whether it meets their requirements.

Our super cars are those vehicles that hit the headlines. We have a range of high performance super cars suited to every car lover. Enjoy our Ferrari 458, Audi R8 or Lamborghini Gallardo and experience the kind of vehicle which takes driving to another level.

We deliver our vehicles across the UK to all major cities and surrounding areas and want to give as many clients their dream driving experience or perfect special occasion as possible. We’re based in the East Midlands but have delivered vehicles to clients in the Scottish Highlands, Stoke-on-Trent and Central London. This is just the beginning as we’re dedicated to ensuring clients across the UK can access our full fleet of luxury vehicles. Our range means there genuinely is something for every occasion and our experienced representatives can help you decide which is right for your requirements.

Nothing compares to the feeling of driving a super car on the open road. Our performance car hire packages can be organised as gifts to surprise the car lover in your life and we can work with you to ensure it remains a surprise until the unsuspecting recipient sees the super car upon their doorstep.

If you need a prestige car or cars for a special occasion then don’t hesitate to get in touch. UK Prestige has a team of sales representatives waiting to advise and ensure you arrange the prestige car hire package perfect for your needs.

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