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Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes brand has long been seen as shorthand for car luxury, but the S Class is something else. We know you’ll be absolutely transfixed by the incredibly smooth ride and the phenomenal technology you’ll find inside the vehicle. It truly is a luxury vehicle.


If we were to tell our clients what made the S Class special, it would come down to one feature. Wherever you are, you will hear hardly any noise from the outside world. It’s a machine built for comfort. No wind noise. No road noises either. Just comfortable and quiet.


One of the key design elements in the S Class is the newly designed grille. If you’ve driven Mercedes cars before you’ll know that they all have style at the top of the feature list. But the S class has a new front, with a grille that elegantly adds a modern feel to the vehicle. Wherever you’re driving the S Class, in Manchester, London or Birmingham, we know you’ll feel privileged. And the car will certainly gather plenty of attention. You’ll also be impressed by the special swept-back headlamps, which really bring a smooth feel to the front.


We know you’ll love this incredible car, and we’ll happily deliver it to customers in areas all around the UK. We have cars in and around London, and all the major cities such as Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

Mercedes S Class - Sophisticated and Exciting

The Mercedes S Class is perfect for a corporate event. Picking up a client from the airport and whisking them off to a meeting is something that becomes a truly sophisticated experience in this vehicle. You’ll find clients happy and relaxed as they arrive, and it’ll provide the perfect start to a meeting.


Some of our clients hire the S Class for a wedding. Imagine the bride turning up for the biggest day of her life in one of the most luxurious limousine cars available today. Treating her in this way will make it a day to remember. Perhaps you have a special anniversary to celebrate in Leeds, and need the perfect car for the event. This car will fit the bill.


We work hard to give all our clients the best experience, and that’s why we offer you the option of chauffeur or self-drive. The S Class is perfect in both scenarios, so you’re going to have a great drive, whichever option you choose.


At Prestige we offer London clients the option of chauffeur or self-drive, and the chance to hire any of our vehicles, both prestige and sports. We will deliver to you at a variety of locations in and around the capital, so you’re certain to find our service near where you live. 

Mercedes S Class – Key features

The S Class has plenty of high-end features, but to mention just a few:


• One of the most exciting and responsive interiors available, with cutting-edge technology at your fingertips

• Almost silent ride quality

• New ‘swept-back’ design at the front of the vehicle


We can have this car with you in most major cities and the surrounding areas (including London, Birmingham, Manchester and many more), for corporate events, weddings or even just personal hire. With attractive prices too, there’s never been a better time to hire a Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class Need Text

At UK Prestige we’re dedicated to quality customer services and ensure all our vehicles are pristine and exactly as desired. Contact us today for a quick quote and more information about the Mercedes S Class.


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