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Serving Peterborough

Peterborough is a populous cathedral city in the East of England. It’s the largest city in Cambridgeshire with a popular of approximately 214,000. It’s well located for London commuters and its railway station is one of the key stopping points on the East Coast Main Line that links Edinburgh with London.


Peterborough is best known for its cathedral but there are many other elements of the city that are worth visiting. It is home to a large range of different cultures and people from all walks have life have settled in the city due to its prime location. UK Prestige is proud to offer our full fleet of performance and prestige hire vehicles to clients in and around Peterborough. Our range of vehicles is so varied that there is bound to be one to suit the needs of most people looking for performance or prestige car hire.


History of Peterborough


Peterborough has played a key role throughout history from a religious perspective and its cathedral is testament to this. Looking further ahead to its more modern history it saw the arrival of the railway locally in around 1840 and in 1850 Peterborough’s transformation began as the Great Northern Railway mainline from York to London travelled through the city. It no longer operated as a market town and become a centre for industry.


Peterborough and its surrounding areas were the UK’s leading producers of bricks for the majority of the 20th century and it’s an industry close to the hearts of many Peterborough families. It was designated a New Town in 1967 which meant it took on a percentage of London’s overspill population in the new urban areas Bretton, Castor, Orton and Paston.


Peterborough saw its population saw over 45% between 1971 and 1991 as it became a hub for new services industries such as travel agents and insurance providers. Peterborough is economically sound and those who’ve always lived in the city would choose nowhere else to have any special occasion celebrated. Those big occasions in your life need the right vehicle to set them off in style and UK Prestige can find the right vehicle for your event.


Prestige Car Hire Peterborough


Peterborough is an opportune location for many businesses and therefore many business events, conventions and conferences take place in the area. If you’re hosting a conference or entertaining potential clients a prestige hire car with executive class can make all the different. UK Prestige offers a wide range of executive hire cars including the Audi A5, Mercedes E63 or even our Porsche Panamera if you’re looking for something that exudes class.


With its large population there are special events and occasions going on in Peterborough every day of the week. At UK Prestige we want to make sure your event is completely unforgettable and our prestige vehicles exist to meet this criteria. We hire wedding limousines, quality performance cars and prestige vehicles which could be exactly what you’re looking for.


Contact UK Prestige to discuss your needs and our friendly sales team will offer all the advice you could need.


If you need a prestige car or cars for a special occasion then don’t hesitate to get in touch. UK Prestige has a team of sales representatives waiting to advise and ensure you arrange the prestige car hire package perfect for your needs.


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