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Hummer Limousine

Modelled on the Hummer H2 four wheel drive truck which originates from America, the H2 Hummer Limousine is one of the most stylish and most requested limos on offer from UK Prestige. It seats up to 16 comfortably and can be the perfect way to arrive at your stag or hen party, or could be dressed up for your big day if you so wish.

The H2 Hummer Limousine is the limo which will shout out your arrival and make heads turn, rather than blending into the background as other, smaller limos may do.


Hummer Limousine – Key Features

The H2 Hummer is available in a wide array of colours than most traditional limousines with both white and black in the UK Prestige fleet as well as sleek two-tone silver/black. It’s unrivalled in its field because it takes the four wheel drive from the H2 Hummer it is modelled from and uses that to allow more comfort, particularly over unstable terrain.

Of course you may not be going onto to any uneven terrain but even the big cities have potholes - yet you won’t feel them in the H2 Hummer Stretch Limousine.

This exotic limousine has all the plush comforts of any limousine and features a sound system which will get the party started before you arrive at your destination, along with laser and strobe lighting so you will get the feel for that party atmosphere too.

The mirrored divide will give you privacy when you need it but the installed intercom allows you to speak to your driver at any time.


Hummer Limousine Text needed

If you have a special occasion coming up you may want to speak to our team at UK Prestige about hiring one of these fine vehicles. The 16-seater H2 Hummer can be used for so many occasions like School Proms, big birthday nights out, anniversary nights out and much more.

The limo could even be used to take your staff to corporate events and team building exercises. The interior design of the H2 Hummer will allow you to bask in comfort before your big night out and can be used for all occasions.


At UK Prestige we offer a range of beautiful limousines for you to choose from, including this stylish H2 Hummer Limousine, from our central depot in Derby. Our drivers are safe and reliable and will transport you from your door to you venue with ease. H2 Hummer Limousine hire gives you all you need for the perfect start to your night out, and all you will have to do is sit back and relax.

At UK Prestige we’re dedicated to quality customer services and ensure all our vehicles are pristine and exactly as desired. Contact us today for a quick quote and more information about the Hummer Limousine.

White + Black

Interior Colour




T: 0121 227 9984


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