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Rolls Royce Dawn

If Rolls Royce is synonymous with luxury motoring, the Rolls Royce Dawn is perhaps the closest thing the brand has to a flagship model. It’s a statement, nothing less, and there is absolutely no chance of this vehicle not being noticed. It’s a huge car, first of all, so it is perhaps best suited to those prestige corporate events where only the biggest and the best will do. That size only adds to the impact of having a Roller at your command. And all of that excitement and prestige is only the prelude to what you find when you step inside the vehicle. It really is something else.


The real selling point here though, is the incredible ride quality. Whether you’re hiring this vehicle for a wedding party or a corporate event in Leeds, you’re looking at a car that simply glides along. This is the case no matter what you’re doing with it, from powering down a motorway in London to holding a very special birthday party in Manchester. The car is silky smooth, and once you’re in it and enjoying the ride, you’ll find it very difficult to imagine travelling any other way.


Inside, the handmade (yes, that’s right, handmade) interior is something to behold. It’s luxury at its very best, with a real attention to every single little detail. You’ll be overcome with the sheer level of quality here, and we think that anyone who rides in the vehicle will be. If you're picking up a special corporate guest from an airport in Birmingham, for example, it will be an extra special, prestige moment for them. Basically, anyone who wants to make a real impact should seriously look at hiring the Rolls Royce Dawn.

Rolls Royce Dawn – A number of options

We have more than enough options when it comes to hiring the Rolls Royce Dawn, and one of our representatives will be happy to talk you through these. From birthdays to weddings, client collection to a simple treat for an executive, the Rolls Royce Dawn has plenty of flexibility and we know it will have a huge impact. 


Back to the car, and the standard Rolls Royce air suspension makes any bump or divot in the road completely inconsequential. We can’t really describe what it’s like to ride in this vehicle, but if we just let you know that it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, that’s probably enough. The size of the car makes it feel like you’re simply floating down the road, and it handles superbly, even in country lanes or in the middle of a busy city like London.


If you’re in a position where you have to make sure the bride has the very best transport on her big day, you simply cannot do better for comfort and prestige. It looks beautiful, handles like a dream, and has the superb Rolls Royce lineage behind it. Perfect for weddings, corporate use, or simply a weekend getaway, the Rolls Royce Dawn is a real treat.

Rolls Royce Dawn 

At UK Prestige we’re dedicated to quality customer services and ensure all our vehicles are pristine and exactly as desired. Contact us today for a quick quote and more information about the Rolls Royce Dawn.


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