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Ferrari 458

Driving a Ferrari is every car lover’s dream. It’s the kind of car you won’t see on the streets every day and the chance to sit in the driving seat doesn’t come around that often. Hiring the Ferrari 458 Italia from UK Prestige will be unforgettable, our clients testify as much and it gives you the chance to well and truly take control of one of the world’s ultimate supercars.

Ferrari 458

The Ferrari 458 Italia has been showered with worldwide accolades and awards since its initial launch in 2009. The sportiest Ferrari design on the market, the Ferrari 458 Italia is a market leader in the mid-engine sports car class.

UK Prestige is proud to offer this unbeatable, speedster of a vehicle through our fleet. The Ferrari 458 Italia offers levels of flexibility you could never have imagined and even driving at 30 mph you’ll feel the benefit of the true Ferrari experience. UK Prestige can hire our vehicles to clients in area of the UK for any special event or occasion.

UK Prestige understand the Ferrari 458 Italia may not be the most traditional vehicle and it’s true not many people choose it for their wedding or a special anniversary but it does happen. We’re happy to deliver any car from our fleet for any event across the UK from Peterborough to Manchester to Coventry.

Ferrari 458 – Key Features

The Ferrari 458 Italia delivers on every level. More than that it also offers a refined level of class and style that very few vehicles can pull off.

The key features of the Ferrari 458 Italia include:

  • Seven-speed twin clutch gearbox

  • Multi-link rear suspension

  • Silky smooth transmission

  • Versatile traction and stability control system

  • Aluminium skeleton for balance

  • Steering wheel controls

  • Luxurious spacious interior

The original Ferraris were known for their small, difficult-to-fit-into cabin space but this is a problem of the past. The Ferrari 458 Italia offers ample seating space with a spacious luggage area behind. The positioning of all the key controls including the lights, indicators and stop/start button on the steering wheel makes them all easy to access and convenient.

UK Prestige know exactly how much pleasure can be derived from behind the steering wheel of the Ferrari 458 Italia and we want to share this experience. Enzo Ferrari’s original idea, the creation of an ultra-performance car is still alive and could be the perfect way to treat that special someone in your life on their next big birthday.

Ferrari 458 - Fun Factor

More than anything else hiring the Ferrari 458 Italia is an opportunity to enjoy pure unbridled fun. Experience the open road in a way you’ve never known before and tick that box on your bucket list.

Technology and style have come together to create a vehicle that satisfies the dreams of car lovers across the UK. UK Prestige believes the Ferrari 458 can be enjoyed as an experience but it can also be the icing on the cake for any special occasion. Make an entrance to that big birthday party or rock up to your wedding reception in style.

At UK Prestige we’re dedicated to quality customer services and ensure all our vehicles are pristine and exactly as desired. Contact us today for a quick quote and more information about the Rolls Royce Phantom.


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