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Serving Worchester

The City of Worcester made its place in history by being the site of the final battle of the Civil War, where the New Model Army, headed by Oliver Cromwell, took on King Charles II Cavaliers to defeat them once and for all. With this rich history its no wonder the city is popular amongst visitors and growing in residents numbers but all that is golden about Worcester is not in the past and much can be found to do and see now too.

Sights and sounds of Worcester

Worcester is famed for two things. The first is its impeccable taste in sauces and the manufacturing of the specialist sauce Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce. This product was first manufactured in 1825 by Mr Lea and Mr Perrins who were chemists in the city, following on from their discovery of the product it grew in popularity and manufacturing was moved to a factory on Midland Road in 1897 and remains to be the main production facility of the product.

The other famous product associated with Worcester is the Royal Worcester Porcelain and it is said that every visit to the city should coincide with a visit to the Worcester Porcelain museum to view the history of the product and its production. Other attractions in the area include The Commandery, a 15th century timber-framed building famous for being the battle headquarters of Charles II during the Battle of Worcester; Worcester Cathedral, which is steeped in history both religious and architectural; and Malvern Theatres, which often hosts first-run shows of performances before they make the trip to London’s West End. For your fun filled days and evenings around Worcester you may be in need of access to some of the best hired vehicles you can find. At UK Prestige we can offer you driven car hire for your trip to the Cathedral and Theatre in Worcester for large groups and small and also offer self drive prestige car hire for your romantic weekend area in the city.

Prestige Car Hire Services for Wakefield

The city has many attributes and has been proven to be an up and coming area by the fact that its university, The University of Worcester is one of the fastest growing higher education facilities having recorded the largest increase of applications for 7 years in a row. The city council and the university have worked together to increase the profile of Wolverhampton by creating a state of the art Library facility for both residents, visitors and students called the Hive. Students graduating or celebrating big birthdays or occasions will be happy to hear that we can offer limousine hire for larger groups to get you from your halls to the your end of year party and back again.


If you need a prestige car or cars for a special occasion then don’t hesitate to get in touch. UK Prestige has a team of sales representatives waiting to advise and ensure you arrange the prestige car hire package perfect for your needs.


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